Highs and lows in Austria | 3

Day 3: Of variables and constants Today I paid a man to touch me for the first time. It felt a little weird – undressing and lying down all the while knowing that I am actually paying the man to spend a whole hour with me or rather: with my body. But soon my thoughts …

Highs and lows in Austria | 2

Day 2: Four pieces of cake and one wish The weather improved and I went for the first guided hike – finally! We went up Ahornstein, a rather tiny mountain with an altitude of about 1800 meters. The wind blew fiercely and sometimes rain dribbled down on us – but the harsh weather made stopping for …

Highs and lows in Austria | 1

Day 1: Fifty shades of grey I began checking the weather forecast about two weeks before my vacation. It was then that it started to dawn on me: I was going to be in Austria, in the mountains, where heavy rain can render the tons of fun things you can do outside impossible. But I …

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