Day 1: Fifty shades of grey

I began checking the weather forecast about two weeks before my vacation. It was then that it started to dawn on me: I was going to be in Austria, in the mountains, where heavy rain can render the tons of fun things you can do outside impossible. But I decided to be in denial: It wouldn’t rain – if anything, it would drizzle pleasantly, cooling the hot summer air down to a tolerable degree of warmth. Nevertheless, I bought a nice book for quiet nights in a rocking chair on the hotel’s patio, just in case.

As the departure day came closer and the weather forecast became even worse I started to panic: Of my ten days in beautiful Dienten five would drown in thunderstorms and torrential rain. I bought a second, way thicker book for quiet afternoons at the indoor pool. The day before I left I helplessly stuffed my suitcase with everything I had – baggy pants, fleece jackets, longsleeves and various items I could wear in layers.

I also prepared mentally: There’s no bad weather, there are only the wrong clothes – oh, how I hate when people say that.

And then I arrived. After a seven-hour drive from Offenbach dark grey clouds in the most disgusting shades of grey blocked the view of the magical mountain scenery I had so longed to see. The rain came pouring down and produced fast-flowing streams below my feet. Not even the hiking guide wanted to leave the hotel and so the first walking-tour was cancelled. “I could be in Thailand now or Hawaii” I thought – and realized, just as I had finished this useless thought, that I was not. I was here, in Austria, in the rain, and no amount of whining about it would make it any better. So I decided to turn the situation around: I was going to make the best of it. I grabbed my boots and my rain jacket and I walked. Not very far, not very high, but I walked, in the rain. After gaining a little altitude I felt the throbbing heartbeat in my chest and the fresh clean air in my lungs. After two hours I returned to the hotel. My pants? Soaked. My boots? Dirty. My mood? Good, actually. The conscious decision to stop bitching about something I could not change had made me feel calm and somehow happy. Snuggled up in an easy chair with a piece of chocolate cake and book number one I felt confident that I would have a good time, come rain or shine.

Lesson learnt today: A bad situation is not getting better by whining about it. Get out in the rain and make the best of it.

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I live in Offenbach and I love writing, reading, travelling, exploring new locations, hiking, eating, cooking, baking, Zumba, software development (weird, right?), analyzing people, romatic comedies (of course), the English language, trying out new stuff and vintage furniture.

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